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Comprehensive Full-Day Symposium Addressing Climate Change in Viticulture to Kick Off ASEV National Conference

Increasing changes in the environment, temperature and weather conditions are affecting how grapegrowers approach planting, maintaining, and harvesting vineyards. A full-day symposium addressing how climate change has impacted the industry’s vineyards and practices will kick off the 73rd ASEV National Conference on Monday, June 20.

Topics for this year’s symposium will include three primary areas of interest, including a review of the changing conditions, the physiology behind plant response to environmental stresses of climate change and the impacts of breeding programs designed to address production challenges that come with climate change. Presentations will address the concerns for viticulture in cool, warm, dry and humid areas of the world. We invited scientists from across the U.S. and internationally, who will provide a comprehensive and balanced look at theoretical and applied research. Last year’s Honorary Research Lecturer, Dr. Hans Schultz from Geisenheim University in Germany, will be presenting an introduction to climate change.

This is a two-symposium approach to climate change impact and adaptation solutions. This year, the ASEV Technical Program Committee elected to address viticulture and in 2023, a follow-up symposium will be held addressing enology impact.

For the full agenda and to learn more about this symposium, click here.