ASEV Audio Recordings


Audio Recordings
All past event audio recordings available online

All oral conference presentations recorded on MP3’s are available after the National Conference. The audio recordings will also be available to order on-site at the National Conference each year.

Any reproduction of ASEV program content inclusive of symposia, research reports and seminars may only be done by ASEV and its contractors. Purchase of audio or other recordings of ASEV program presentations does not include authorization to post such purchased recordings on any other web site or other form of posting or distribution.

Disclaimer:  The ASEV is not responsible for statements, advice or opinions given by speakers and/or contained in presentation materials. Any such statements, advice or opinions solely represent the views of the authors, speakers or the persons to whom they are credited, are not statements, advice or opinions of the ASEV and are not in any way binding on the ASEV.

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