Merit Award


ASEV Merit Award

The purpose of the ASEV Merit Award is to recognize outstanding individual achievement in the field of enology or viticulture. The area of achievement or excellence shall be in the field of education, technology, research, management, public relations or any discipline directly or indirectly related to enology or viticulture.

Eligibility for this award is based on individuals who have contributed to the progress and advancement of enology or viticulture in an outstanding and distinguished manner for the Society and/or wine industry. There shall be no geographic restrictions for eligibility for this award. Membership in the Society is not a requirement. The award will be given only to individuals and sharing of the award will be approved by the Board of Directors under exceptional circumstances. (Please note, the award is only given posthumously if the recipient was alive when the award was announced.)

Selection of candidates is done by the Awards Committee which provides recommendations to the Board of Directors. The Awards Committee consists of five members of the Society with the immediate past president as chair. The current president appoints the other four members with at least one of the four being a member of the previous year’s committee. These members shall represent both industry and academic affiliation.  The Board reviews the list of recommended candidates presented by the committee and approves a recipient by vote.

General information

Nomination for Merit Award

Please consider nominating someone well deserving for the 2025 Merit Award.

Deadline: Submit nominations through August 1.

General information

Merit Award Recipients

Tony Wolf 2024
Timothy Martinson 2023
Wayne Wilcox (2022)
Hildegarde Heymann 2020 (PDF)
Sara Spayd 2019 (PDF)
Terry Acree 2018
Andrew Walker 2017
Douglas O. Adams 2016
E.B. “Pete” Downs 2015
Linda Bisson 2014 (PDF)
Jim Wolpert 2013
Roger Boulton 2012 (PDF)
Jerry Lohr 2011
Ellen Butz 2010 (PDF)
Koki Yokotsuka 2010 (PDF)
Zelma Long 2009 (PDF)
Robert Steinhauer 2008 (PDF)
G. Stanley Howell 2007 (PDF)
Ann C. Noble 2006
George Thoukis 2005 (PDF)
L. Peter Christensen 2004
W. Mark Kliewer 2003
Ralph E. Kunkee 2002
Fred Jensen 2001
Arthur Caputi, Jr 2000 (PDF)
Justin Meyer 1999
Bruce Obbink 1998
Nelson Shaulis 1997
Justin R. Morris 1996
Charles Nagel 1995
Walter Clore 1995
Cornelius S. Ough 1994
A. N. Kasimatis 1993
Vernon L. Singleton 1992
Leo A. Berti 1991
Robert Mondavi 1990
Andrew C. Rice 1989
Max Goldman 1988
Klayton E. Nelson 1987
Myron Nightingale 1986
Elie C. Skofis 1985
A. Dinsmoor Webb 1984
R. Brad Webb 1983
Ze’ev Halperin 1982
Charles B. Fournier 1982
Louis P. Martini 1981
Leon D. Adams 1980
Edmund A. Mirassou 1979
James F. Guymon 1978
Brother Timothy Diener, F.S.C. 1977
William B. Hewitt 1976
Julio R. Gallo 1975
Harold W. Berg 1974
Harold P. Olmo 1973
Louis M. Martini 1972
Maynard A. Joslyn 1971
Andre Tchelistcheff 1970
Isham Railey 1969
Harry Bacigaluppi 1968
Maynard A. Amerine 1967
Charles M. Crawford 1966
Irving Marcus 1965
Ernest Gallo 1964
George L. Marsh 1963
Charles B. Holden, Jr. 1962
Leon S. Peters 1961
Edmund A. Rossi 1960
Albert J. Winkler 1959
Julius H. Fessler 1958
Herman L. Wente 1957
William V. Cruess 1956
Elbert M. Brown 1955