Honorary Research Lecture


Honorary Research Lecture

The honorary research lecturer is granted to an individual with a current national or international reputation in his or her field of research who is also actively involved in scientific research. He or she may or may not be a member of the Society. The Awards Committee or Program Committee recommends a proposed research lecturer to the Board of Directors. The Board will select an honorary research lecturer from these recommendations by vote. The Board of Directors need not select a research lecturer each year.


Honorary Research Lecturers

Vicente Ferreira 2023
Pat Bowen 2022
Hans Schultz 2021
Susan Ebeler 2019
Véronique Cheynier 2018
Alan Lakso 2017
Not Selected 2010 – 2016
Andrew Walker 2009
Peter Winterhalter 2008
Riccardo Velasco 2007
Douglas O. Adams 2006
Not selected 2005
Hildegarde Heymann 2004
Roger B. Boulton 2003
Michel Feuillat 2002
Michael McCarthy 2001
Linda Bisson 2000
Gordon S. Howell 1999
L. Peter Christensen 1998
Ralph Kunkee 1997
Terry Lee 1996
W. Mark Kliewer 1995
Ann Noble 1994
Cesare Intrieri 1993
Patrick Williams 1992
Bryan Coombe 1991
Harold P. Olmo 1990
Not selected 1989
Austin Goheen 1988
Gerald Reed 1987
Vernon Singleton 1986
Nelson Shaulis 1985
Pascal Ribereau-Gayon 1984
Richard Smart 1983
James Seff 1982
Elmer Gaden 1981
John A. DeLuca 1980
Robert A. O’Reilly 1979
Philip M. Wagner 1978
Russell W. McLauchlan 1977
Bryce C. Rankine 1976
Eric D. Conn 1975
Heikki Suomalainen 1974
Herman J. Phaff 1973