Best Paper Awards


Best Paper Awards from the American Journal of Enology and Viticulture

Each year, the ASEV Best Paper Awards Committee completes an evaluation of all research papers published in the American Journal of Enology and Viticulture for the prior year. The committee selects one paper in the field of enology and one in the field of viticulture that is deemed outstanding in its content and a substantial contribution to the field.

Each best paper receives a monetary award to be shared among the authors. Each author is also awarded a plaque, complimentary National Conference registration, and an invitation to the Board of Directors dinner held at the conference site. A plaque is presented at the ASEV National Conference in June to those authors who attend. The awarded papers are also designated as such and are made freely available on the AJEVOnline website.​

Paper Stewart K. Field, Jason P. Smith, Erin N. Morrison, R.J. Neil Emery, Bruno P. HolzapfelAJEV 71(1):52 (2020)

2021 Best Viticulture Paper
Soil Temperature Prior to Veraison Alters Grapevine Carbon Partitioning, Xylem Sap Hormones, and Fruit Set

Paper Todd W. Jenkins, Patricia A. Howe, Gavin L. Sacks, Andrew L. WaterhouseAJEV 71(3):222 (2020)

2021 Best Enology Paper
Determination of Molecular and “Truly” Free Sulfur Dioxide in Wine: A Comparison of Headspace and Conventional Methods

Paper Mira Schwinn, Dominik Durner, Antonio Delgado, Ulrich FischerAJEV 70(4):339 (2019)

2020 Best Enology Paper
Distribution of Yeast Cells, Temperature, and Fermentation By-Products in White Wine Fermentations

Paper R. Paul Schreiner, James Osborne, Patricia A. SkinkisAJEV 69(1):45 (2018)

2019 Best Viticulture Paper
Nitrogen Requirements of Pinot noir Based on Growth Parameters, Must Composition, and Fermentation Behavior

Paper Jaime Moreno-García, Teresa García-Martinez, Juan Moreno, Juan Carlos Mauricio, Minami Ogawa, Peter Luong, Linda F. BissonAJEV 69(3):278 (2018)

2019 Best Enology Paper
Impact of Yeast Flocculation and Biofilm Formation on Yeast-Fungus Coadhesion in a Novel Immobilization System

Paper Summaira Riaz, Karl T. Lund, Jeffrey Granett, M. Andrew WalkerAJEV 68(2):218 (2017)

2018 Best Viticulture Paper
Population Diversity of Grape Phylloxera in California and Evidence for Sexual Reproduction

Paper Emma Sherman, David R. Greenwood, Silas G. Villas-Boâs, Hildegarde Heymann, James F. HarbertsonAJEV 68(3):344 (2017)

2018 Best Enology Paper
Impact of Grape Maturity and Ethanol Concentration on Sensory Properties of Washington State Merlot Wines

Paper Marc M. Greven, Sue M. Neal, D. Stuart Tustin, Helen Boldingh, Jeff Bennett, Maria Carmo VasconcelosAJEV 67(3):315 (2016)

2017 Best Viticulture Paper
Effect of Postharvest Defoliation on Carbon and Nitrogen Resources of High-Yielding Sauvignon blanc Grapevines

Paper L. Federico Casassa, Richard C. Larsen, James F. HarbertsonAJEV 67(3):257 (2016)

2017 Best Enology Paper
Effects of Vineyard and Winemaking Practices Impacting Berry Size on Evolution of Phenolics during Winemaking

Paper M. Buelow, K. Steenwerth, L. Silva, and S. ParikhAJEV 66:302-310 (2015)

2016 Best Viticulture Paper
Characterization of Winery Wastewater for Reuse in California

Paper A. Gambuti, G. Han, A. Peterson, and A. WaterhouseAJEV 66:411-423 (2015)

2016 Best Enology Paper
Sulfur Dioxide and Glutathione Alter the Outcome of Microoxygenation

Paper M. Kwasniewski, G. Sacks, and W. WilcoxAJEV 65:453-462 (2014)

2015 Best Viticulture Paper
Persistence of Elemental Sulfur Spray Residue on Grapes during Ripening and Vinification

Paper N. Shrake, R. Amirtharajah, C. Brenneman, R. Boulton, and A. KnoesenAJEV 65:463-470 (2014)

2015 Best Enology Paper
In-Line Measurement of Color and Total Phenolics during Red Wine Fermentations Using a Light-Emitting Diode Sensor

Paper A. Palliotti , F. Panara, F. Famiani, P. Sabbatini, G. S. Howell, O. Silvestroni, and S. PoniAJEV 64:378-385 (2013)

2014 Best Viticulture Paper
Postveraison Application of Antitranspirant Di-1-p-Menthene to Control Sugar Accumulation in Sangiovese Grapevines

Paper L. F. Casassa, R. C. Larsen, C. W. Beaver, M. S. Mireles, M. Keller, W. R. Riley, R. Smithyman, and J. F. HarbertsonAJEV 64:505-514 (2013)

2014 Best Enology Paper
Sensory Impact of Extended Maceration and Regulated Deficit Irrigation on Washington State Cabernet Sauvignon Wines

Paper N. Bokulich, C. Hwang, S. Liu, K. Boundy-Mills, and D. MillsAJEV 63:185-194 (2012)

2013 Best Enology Paper
Profiling the Yeast Communities of Wine Fermentations Using Terminal Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism Analysis

Paper F. Schmid, P. Grbin, A. Yap and V. JiranekJEV 62:519-526 (2011)

2012 Best Enology Paper
Relative Efficacy of High-Pressure Hot Water and High-Power Ultrasonics for Oak Barrel Sanitization