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ASEV Platform – May 16, 2016

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Water, Sulfur, and Arsenic Talks at the National Conference

This year’s National Conference will bring together a group of renowned speakers to discuss some of the most talked about issues in the industry from a scientific perspective. If you haven’t had a chance to look at this year’s highlights, here’s a peek. To register, click here.

The ASEV National Conference hosts some of the most respected experts to provide a forum to discuss emerging research for the wine and grape industry. The conference will take place on June 27-30 in Monterey, California.

This year’s program key events include:

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Managing Water in the Vineyards

This year’s National Conference will start off with a full-day water symposium using California vineyards as the example for the many topics covered that will include water stress, irrigation, and coping mechanisms during drought conditions. Also this year, those attending will receive 7.0 CCA CEU credits.

Organized by Mark Battany of UC Cooperative Extension, San Luis Obispo County; Larry Bettiga of UC Cooperative Extension, Monterey County; and Andrew McElrone and Andy Walker both from UC Davis. This symposium brings together world-renowned speakers who will provide a comprehensive view of how to manage vineyards, and discuss research and tools currently used.

Take a look at the topic lineup and reserve your seat for this symposium. Register today.

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Dr. Douglas O. Adams to Receive ASEV’s Highest Honor

Professor and biochemist Dr. Douglas O. Adams of the University of California, Davis, has been confirmed as the recipient of the 2016 Merit Award, the American Society for Enology and Viticulture’s (ASEV) highest honor. He will be sharing his presentation, Representations and Interventions in Growing Grapes and Making Wine, at the ASEV’s 67th National Conference in Monterey on June 30, 2016.

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ASEV Honors Dr. Bruce Zoecklein With Extension Distinction Award

Enology Professor Emeritus Dr. Bruce Zoecklein of Virginia Tech is this year’s recipient of the American Society for Enology and Viticulture’s (ASEV) Extension Distinction Award. This honor recognizes a current extension educator for outstanding contribution to an extension program or the advanced translation of novel research findings into commercially applicable tools for enologists or viticulturists. Dr. Zoecklein will share his presentation, In Vino Veritas and Jefferson’s Dream, on June 29, 2016, at the 67th ASEV National Conference in Monterey, California.

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Welcome New Members and Industrial Affiliates

Click on the link below for new ASEV Members and Industrial Affiliates who joined ASEV as of:

March 2016