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Global Speakers Address How the Changing Climate is Affecting Viticulture in this Year’s Symposium

This year, the full-day symposium will focus on how climate change is impacting the grape and wine industry, specifically in viticulture. Topics include three primary areas of interest, including the changing conditions, the physiology behind plant responses to environmental stresses due to climate change, and the impact to breeding programs that were designed to address production challenges that come with climate change.

Presenters will address concerns in cool, warm, dry, and humid areas of the world. Speakers include Hans Schultz from Geisenheim University, Jason Londo from Cornell University, Markus Keller from Washington State University, Manfred Stoll and Yvette Wohlfahrt from Geisenheim University, Germany, Paul Petrie of South Australian Research and Development Institute, Elizabeth Wolkovich from the University of British Columbia, and Oliver Trapp from Julius Kühn-Institut in Germany.

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