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ASEV Platform – March 2018

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New Altmetric Service Available on ASEV Journals

Altmetric is now available on both AJEV and Catalyst online platforms. Altmetric monitors online sources (e.g., social media sites, newspapers, government documents) for mentions of scholarly articles. With this service, if an article has been mentioned in any of these different sources, it will receive an Altmetric “badge” that reflects what these sources are and how many times the article has been mentioned. It is then given an Altmetric score that is based on this data. Altmetric provides a way for authors to determine the impact and attention their articles receive on a more granular level that is beyond the traditional literature citation, and enables a measurement of the impact of the individual articles, rather than that of just the entire journal. The Altmetric data available for the journal articles allows readers and authors to see the attention each article is receiving in real-time and also allows for exploration of the conversations surrounding the content.

Altmetric badges currently appear on the “Info and Metrics” tab of articles that have an Altmetric score (located beneath the Author Information heading). Clicking the badge will present more detailed information regarding the score that appears in the badge. Please see this article for an example of an Altmetric badge.

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Brettanomyces Symposium to Kick Off ASEV National Conference

First identified in 1930, Brettanomyces is not new but only recently have we begun to understand the impact this yeast has on winemaking. It’s long been viewed as a spoilage organism in the wine industry and symposium organizers wanted to provide a better understanding of what this organism is, its impact on wine quality and how to control it through this one-day symposium that includes a tasting.

In recent years, scientists have sequenced the genome, described genetic and physiological diversity within the genus, identified a range of metabolic products contributing to spoilage, and explored how Brettanomyces interacts with different wine environments and microorganisms.

Click here to view the Brettanomyces Symposium program.

The National Conference is a platform for technical information exchange that is vital to the wine and grape industry. Running the gamut of high-level scientific research to practical application, the conference is evolving to meet the needs of vineyard and winery employees at all levels. Organizers have designed the programs to go deeper into the research and science affecting the vineyards and wineries while keeping in mind its application today or in the near future. The National Conference provides an excellent forum for learning about the latest research and meeting with colleagues from around the world. 

For more information on the conference, click here.

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ASEV to Recognize Cornell University’s Dr. Acree with Highest Honor

ASEV is pleased to announce that this year’s Merit Award recipient is Dr. Terry Acree of Cornell University.  Dr. Acree’s Merit Award presentation is titled, “From Methyl Anthranylate to Mercaptohexanol: Measuring Wine Qualia.” You can hear Dr. Acree’s presentation at the 69th ASEV National Conference in June.   

The ASEV Merit Award is presented to an individual who has significantly contributed in an outstanding manner to the progress and advancement of enology and viticulture for the industry and/or for the Society. This award acknowledges excellence in the fields of education, technology, research, management, public relations, or any other discipline related to enology and viticulture.

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ASEV Selects 2018 Best Enology and Viticulture Papers

Congratulations to the 2018 Best Paper Award Winners! You can read the selected papers, which are highlighted at for free. The authors are presented with a plaque and monetary award and will also be presenting their papers during the 69th ASEV National Conference.

Best Enology Paper:Impact of Grape Maturity and Ethanol Concentration on Sensory Properties of Washington State Melot Wines,” by lead author James F. Harbertson of Washington State University, along with Emma Sherman, David R. Greenwood, Silas G. Villas-Boas and Hildegarde Heymann.

Best Viticulture Paper:Population Diversity of Grape Phylloxera in California and Evidence for Sexual Reproduction,” by lead author Dr. M. Andrew Walker of University of California, Davis, and Summaira Riaz, Karl T. Lund and Jeffrey Granett.

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TTB Provides Guidance on Wine Tax Credits and Wine Production

On December 22, 2017, the President signed into law the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (Public Law 115-97 -“The Act”), which makes extensive changes to the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (IRC), including provisions related to alcohol that are administered by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). Those changes were effective January 1, 2018.

TTB has updated their FAQs to include guidance on the transfer of wine credits and what constitutes production. To read more about it, click here.

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24th Unified Wine & Grape Symposium Delivered on Emerging Issues, Trends and Innovations on Impacts of Recent Disasters

The American Society for Enology and Viticulture and the California Association of Winegrape Growers concluded another successful Unified Wine & Grape Symposium last January hosting the expansive 170,000 square foot tradeshow, keynote luncheon with Gina Gallo and programs to address your grapegrowing, winemaking, business and marketing needs. Photos of the event can be viewed here.

The next Unified Wine & Grape Symposium will take place on January 29-31, 2019, at the Sacramento Convention Center.

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Technical Liaison Committee Minutes Available

The minutes from the November 7, 2017, Technical Liaison Committee meeting are available for members. To access with your login information, please click here.

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Volunteering with ASEV

Here at ASEV, volunteers are the heart of the organization and essential to our success. Our board and committee members are all volunteers. They continually use their voices to shape and influence the wine and grape industry. We’d love to have you join us. Click here to find out how you can be a part of this community.

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Become a Member

Access to decades of peer-reviewed research, discounted fees to the Unified Symposium, the ASEV National Conference and other ASEV sponsored professional development events, and videos on-demand are just some of the membership benefits you can enjoy. Interested in finding out more? Click here or call us at (530) 753-3142.