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Brettanomyces Symposium to Kick Off ASEV National Conference

First identified in 1930, Brettanomyces is not new but only recently have we begun to understand the impact this yeast has on winemaking. It’s long been viewed as a spoilage organism in the wine industry and symposium organizers wanted to provide a better understanding of what this organism is, its impact on wine quality and how to control it through this one-day symposium that includes a tasting.

In recent years, scientists have sequenced the genome, described genetic and physiological diversity within the genus, identified a range of metabolic products contributing to spoilage, and explored how Brettanomyces interacts with different wine environments and microorganisms.

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The National Conference is a platform for technical information exchange that is vital to the wine and grape industry. Running the gamut of high-level scientific research to practical application, the conference is evolving to meet the needs of vineyard and winery employees at all levels. Organizers have designed the programs to go deeper into the research and science affecting the vineyards and wineries while keeping in mind its application today or in the near future. The National Conference provides an excellent forum for learning about the latest research and meeting with colleagues from around the world. 

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