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ASEV Platform – June 2017

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Register through June 23 for National Conference Savings

Extended Early-Bird Deadline! With only a few days left, registration savings of up to $200 ends at midnight on June 23. Don’t wait. Register today!

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One-Day Symposium Features Wine Oxidation Breakthroughs in the Last Five Years

Expert speakers from Australia, New Zealand, France, England, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the U.S. are convening for Tuesday’s symposium, “New Understandings in Wine Oxidation Symposium,” to talk about the major advancements and new developments in wine oxidation. While it’s been an active area of research for the past 15 years, the last five have been the most enlightening. This one-day symposium will include the most important and productive research teams from around the world, who will cover the following: (1) the fundamental understanding of oxidation chemistry and (2) the application of the new understanding to managing wine production for achieving desired results.

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National Conference Highlight: Industry Seminars

Throughout its evolution, the National Conference has adopted a series of seminars with practical application in mind. If you haven’t been to one, here’s a sneak peek of this year’s Industry Seminar:

This seminar is designed to explore practical aspects of red wine color. Speakers will walk you through how humans perceive color, vineyard management tools for color, wine analysis and winery decision making.

This seminar will address how and why disease organisms develop resistance to certain types of fungicides, how to monitor the development of resistant mildew populations before they become problematic and how growers can develop spray programs that help to sustain the use of effective fungicide materials.

Aging wine on yeast lees can have a significant impact on aroma and mouthfeel properties. These effects may be a direct consequence of the release of cellular components from yeast during the self-digestion process known as autolysis, but the changes can also arise from the oxygen-consuming capacity of the yeast lees. You will learn more about these aspects of lees aging as well as receive a practical guide to managing lees in the winery.

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Get Social at the National Conference

Meet people working in all aspects of the wine industry while you sip on Washington wines. Wednesday’s reception will showcase four themed stations with different tastings: (1) Off the Beaten Path, (2) The Whites of Washington, (3) Washington Meets Rhone, and (4) Ode to Bordeaux. Thursday’s Student-Industry Mixer includes acknowledgement of the 2017 scholarship recipients and best student presentation awards. Wines poured at Thursday’s mixer are being donated by South Seattle Community College, Walla Walla Community College, Washington State University and Yakima Valley Community College. Both receptions are sponsored by Washington State Wine.

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Opus One’s Michael Silacci to Present at the Early Career Member Lunch

After last year’s initial event and the overwhelming positive response, ASEV has expanded the early career member focus on professional development. This year’s speaker, Michael Silacci of Opus One and former ASEV president, will share a collection of stories about individuals who took different paths through the wine industry. His presentation, “Desperately Seeking Millenials with Baby Boomer Work Ethics,” will explore different education backgrounds, associations with scientific and trade organizations, and work cultures.

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Submit Your Manuscripts

ASEV is accepting submissions for American Journal of Enology and Viticulture (AJEV) and Catalyst: Discovery into Practice.

While AJEV, established in 1950, is our flagship journal, Catalyst: Discovery into Practice is our newly launched journal. AJEV continues to publish full-length research papers, literature reviews, research notes, and technical briefs on various aspects of enology and viticulture, including wine chemistry, sensory science, process engineering, wine quality assessments, microbiology, methods development, plant pathogenesis, diseases and pests of grape, rootstock and clonal evaluation, effects of field practices, and grape genetics and breeding. All papers are peer reviewed, and authorship of papers is not limited to members of ASEV.

Catalyst completes the continuum with translation of research into practice and focuses on extending fundamental discoveries in the scientific disciplines to sustain and advance winemaking and grapegrowing. Catalyst will consider text-based and video submissions. Its focus is to provide information in a readily accessible format for readers via HighWire Press, the current publisher of AJEV online.

Submit a manuscript for AJEV or Catalyst

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Volunteering with ASEV

Here at ASEV, volunteers are the heart of the organization and essential to our success. Our board and committee members are all volunteers. They continually use their voices to shape and influence the wine and grape industry. We’d love to have you join us. Click here to find out how you can be a part of this community.

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Become a Member

Access to decades of peer-reviewed research, discounted fees to the Unified Symposium, the ASEV National Conference and other ASEV sponsored professional development events, and videos on-demand are just some of the membership benefits you can enjoy. Interested in finding out more? Click here or call us at (530) 753-3142.