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National Conference Highlight: Industry Seminars

Throughout its evolution, the National Conference has adopted a series of seminars with practical application in mind. If you haven’t been to one, here’s a sneak peek of this year’s Industry Seminar:

This seminar is designed to explore practical aspects of red wine color. Speakers will walk you through how humans perceive color, vineyard management tools for color, wine analysis and winery decision making.

This seminar will address how and why disease organisms develop resistance to certain types of fungicides, how to monitor the development of resistant mildew populations before they become problematic and how growers can develop spray programs that help to sustain the use of effective fungicide materials.

Aging wine on yeast lees can have a significant impact on aroma and mouthfeel properties. These effects may be a direct consequence of the release of cellular components from yeast during the self-digestion process known as autolysis, but the changes can also arise from the oxygen-consuming capacity of the yeast lees. You will learn more about these aspects of lees aging as well as receive a practical guide to managing lees in the winery.