Viticulture – Pest Management Session
Research Reports

Location: Paradise Point Resort


Yun Zhang, Ste. Michelle Estates, Washington


8:15 am – 8:35 am Illuminating Ultraviolet-C Light for Grapevine Powdery Mildew Management
Alexa McDaniel, Washington State University, Prosser
8:35 am – 8:55 am Examining Sulfur Use Patterns in Western United States Winegrape Vineyards
Charlotte Oliver, Washington State University, Prosser
8:55 am – 9:15 am Developing a Method for Making Transgene-Free Gene-Edited Grapevines
Laurent Deluc, Oregon State University, Corvallis
9:15 am – 9:35 am Efficacy of Minimal-, Moderate-, and High-Input Disease Management Systems for Pierce’s Disease-Resistant Hybrids
Shane Breeden, University of Georgia, Athens
9:35 am – 9:55 am Comparison of Insecticides to Control Vine Mealybugs (Planococcus ficus Signoret) in Organic Winegrape Production
Luca Brillante, California State University, Fresno