Enology – Microbiology: Non-Saccharomyces Session
Research Reports

Location: Paradise Point Resort


Nichola Hall, Scott Laboratories, California


10:15 am – 10:35 am Optimization of Temperature and Sulfur Dioxide Levels for non-Saccharomyces Yeast Survivability and Metabolism
Heather Carbon, Washington State University, Pullman
10:35 am – 10:55 am Use of Sulfur Dioxide and non-Saccharomyces Yeast to Reduce Ethyl Acetate Production during Pre-fermentation Maceration
James Osborne, Oregon State University, Corvallis
10:55 am – 11:15 am Wine Bioprotection with a Specific Metschnikowia pulcherrima: Alternative to SO2 Combining Anti-Spoilage and Antioxidant Properties
Amandine Deroite, Lallemand, France