2014 Merit Award Presentation
The Information Landscape Transformation: The Changing Role of Scientific Societies

Dr. Linda Bisson
Location: Hyatt Regency Austin

Dr. Linda Bisson, University of California, Davis

The ASEV Merit Award is presented annually to an individual who has significantly contributed in an outstanding manner to the progress and advancement of enology and viticulture to the industry and/or to the Society. This award acknowledges excellence in the fields of education, technology, research, management, public relations or any discipline related to enology and viticulture.

The ASEV Board is pleased to honor Dr. Linda Bisson of the University of California, Davis, as ASEV’s 2014 Merit Award recipient.

Dr. Bisson is a trained yeast geneticist and physiologist whose research focuses on sugar catabolism and the understanding of metabolic basis for slow and incomplete fermentations.

As a respected professor and former chair at the UC Davis Department of Viticulture and Enology, she has received the prestigious Maynard A. Amerine Endowed Chair funded by Ernest Gallo, has been the Chair of the UC Davis Academic Senate and, most recently, was the recipient of the UC Davis’ Charles P. Nash Prize. She currently serves as AJEV Science Editor and has held this position for more than a decade. She is a four-time ASEV Best Enology Paper Award author, the 2000 Honorary Research Lecturer and has more than 25 years of service with ASEV as a Board Director (1988-1990) and volunteer for committees that include program organizing and planning, scholarship, publications and technical projects.