Proceedings of 7th International Cool Climate Symposium (ICCS)

(2010) (CD format only)
Consists of articles from several invited keynote speakers at the ICCS held June 20-22, 2010, in Seattle, Washington. All submitted abstracts from oral and poster presentations are also included.

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Table of Contents

Russell Smithyman

Some Causes and Consequences of Variation in Grape Berry Composition
Z.W. Dai, N. Ollat, E. Gomes, P. Pieri, S. Decroocq, J.P. Tandonnet, L. Bordenave, G. Hilbert, C. Kappel, C. Van Leeuwen, A. Parker, P. Vivin, and S. Delrot
1 – 12

Patience Please: Amending Vineyard Soils
R. Morlat
13 – 21

Control of Alcoholic Fermentation during Winemaking: Current Situation and Prospects
J.M. Sablayrolles
22 – 30

Wine and Health: A Review
J.M. Guilford and J.M. Pezzuto
31 – 47

Beyond Fruit Exposure: Back to the Future for Grapevine Canopies
A.G. Reynolds
48 – 64

Wine Sensibilities: A Journey through Key Attributes Consumers Prefer
I. Lesschaeve, E. Neudorf, A.J. Bowen, and J. Bruwer
65 – 72

Understanding and Adjusting Acidity Measures in Cool Climate Juices and Wines
R. Boulton
73 – 80

A Hydraulic World: From Plant Water Transport to Vineyard Irrigation Requirements
Claudio Lovisolo
81 – 82

Temporal Dominance of Sensations in Wine
Pascal Schlich
83 – 84

Disease Management, Sustainability, and Innovation Linking Plant Resistance and Disease Forecasting Models
Oliver Viret
85 – 87

Recent Revelations in Oxidation
Andrew L. Waterhouse
88 – 89

ICCS Submitted Abstracts: Oral and Poster Presentations
90 – 151