ASEV Ad hoc Committee Protocol
Approved at June 21, 2010 Board meeting

Last updated on February 11, 2011


Ad hoc committees may be composed and charged with responsibilities as the need is determined by the Board of Directors by a majority vote. However, in no event shall Ad hoc committees exercise any authority beyond the authority granted by the Board’s enabling resolution for the committee or any authority within the sole authority of the Board of Directors and/or members described in Article VI, Section 8.

Board creates committee based on a specific charge and definition. Only the Board may authorize any potential costs associated with an ad hoc committee and must be done before incurred.

Committee Composition:

  • must be composed of 100% ASEV members (professional or emeritus) with allowance of 1-3 non-members in a non-voting advisor capacity
  • Chair must be an ASEV member
  • must include at least one ASEV Board member (with second board member pre-designated only as alternate)
  • must be composed of at least 3 voting members and no more than 10 voting members including the chair
  • committee membership conditional upon participation in committee meetings and associated activities as identified

Committee Chair Responsibilities:

  • adhering to ad hoc committee protocol
  • chairing all committee meetings (live or conference calls) unless alternate committee member designated for unanticipated absence
  • ensure that minutes are taken at all meetings (live or conference calls) by a committee member as designated in advance
  • communicating with ASEV staff re: scheduling meetings and minutes distribution and directing all communications through ASEV staff (next section)
  • reporting to Executive Director to keep Board current on all committee activity and to obtain approval of all proposed committee members

Communications to committee members only to be coordinated by ASEV staff:

  • call for calendar dates (e.g. Doodle) to set meetings
  • distribution of meeting agendas & minutes to committee members
  • any anticipated fiscal planning needs
  • set up conference calls
  • Fiscal Obligations (to be included in ASEV budget approved by board):
  • All anticipated committee funds needed are to be submitted to Executive Director no later than July 1 for each fiscal year (FY November 1).


Any internet reference to an ASEV ad hoc committee will be done so on the ASEV web site and developed and posted by the ASEV staff. Any reference to ASEV on other web sites will be directed to ASEV for approval prior to posting and will include the link to the ASEV site.