Press release Davis, CA

National Conference Overview

The first combined efforts of the ASEV national and chapter board members for June’s 65th National Conference and the Eastern Section’s Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas delivered great times and positive results. Highlights included the Eastern Section student Oenolympics and touring Texas wineries. Click here to enjoy the 2014 conference photos.

Collaboration with the Texas wine industry was phenomenal. The Texas Hill Country Winery & Vineyard Tour showcased a taste of local favorites and good Texan BBQ for all conference attendees. We are thankful for the unsurpassed support from the Texas wine industry for the tour and and the generous conference sponsorship.

As part of our commitment to the industry, ASEV continues to play an ongoing role in nurturing future leaders. ASEV scholarship recipients, who were awarded $70,000 collectively, and ASEV Best Student Presentation Award winners were announced at the National Conference’s popular Student-Industry Mixer with a representative present from our long-time sponsor Lallemand.

The success of the National Conference is directly connected to the support of volunteers and sponsors. Cheers to the presenters, speakers, program organizers, and board members who in collaboration made it possible for the wine and grape community to exchange technical information in an open forum on both a formal and social level. This national event is a professional network disseminating vital technical content to enhance the industry’s current and future success.