Press release Davis, CA

ASEV Selects Best Enology and Viticulture Papers

DAVIS, Calif., February 19, 2015…The American Society for Enology and Viticulture (ASEV) has selected the 2015 Best Paper Awards, with the generous support of J. Lohr Vineyards. The selected authors will be recognized at the Society’s 66th National Conference on June 15-18 in Portland, Oregon.

The best enology paper was awarded to University of California, Davis, researchers Nicholas L. Shrake, Rajeevan Amirtharajah, Charles Brenneman, Roger Boulton and André Knoesen for “In-Line Measurement of Color and Total Phenolics During Red Wine Fermentations Using a Light-Emitting Diode Sensor.”

The viticulture paper, “Persistence of Elemental Sulfur Spray Residue on Grapes During Ripening and Vinification” was awarded to Misha T. Kwasniewski of the University of Missouri, Gavin L. Sacks and Wayne F. Wilcox, both from Cornell University, New York.

Each year, the ASEV Best Paper Awards Committee evaluates all manuscripts published in the AJEV during the previous year and selects one paper in viticulture and one in enology that reflects outstanding research and a substantial contribution to the field. The 2015 Best Paper Award Committee includes Nichola Hall of Scott Laboratories (Chair), Lise Asimont of Francis Ford Coppola Presents, Leticia Chacón-Rodriguez of Safe Harbor Wine Storage, Drew Johnson of Linked Vineyards, Zeke Neeley of Trefethen Family Vineyards, Merilak Padgett-Johnson of Santa Rose Junior College, Joe Shirley of Trinchero Family Estates, David Sorokowsky of E&J Gallo Winery and Fritz Westover of Vineyard Team. The authors will be presented with a plaque and monetary award at the June 2015 ASEV National Conference.

Both best papers are highlighted on and are available free of charge.