Terms and conditions for use of the Membership Directory

This Membership Directory is offered to ASEV members as a benefit. Telephone, fax numbers and email addresses are listed as provided by members. This Membership Directory is an asset of ASEV and sale of the Membership Directory is strictly prohibited. Only current ASEV members are authorized to use the Directory for purposes reasonably related to their interest as a member of ASEV. No one including ASEV members is authorized to use the Membership Directory for any of the following purposes: (a) to solicit money or property; (b) for any commercial purpose; (c) for any purpose in competition with ASEV; and/or (d) for any purpose for which the user does not reasonably and in good faith believe will benefit ASEV.

If you have questions about use of the ASEV Directory, please contact the ASEV office at (530) 753-3142.

ASEV reserves all of its rights and remedies against anyone for improper use of ASEV Membership Directory. This includes but is not limited to ASEV’s rights and remedies under California Corporations Code section 8338.