Lifecycle Modeling in the Realities of Precision Ag, Climate Change, and Invasive Species
Invasive Pests Series Webinar

Gwen-Alyn Hoheisel

Description: The use of models to predict the life cycles of plants and pests is common. Increased seasonal variability from climate change as well as an increase in invasive species warrants the use of phenology and site suitability models. However, how they are adopted into practice with precision agriculture leads to added challenges. This presentation will show examples of commonly used models and discuss pros/cons of their use and adoption in agriculture.  

Speaker: Gwen Hoheisel is a regional extension specialist with Washington State University focusing on perennial fruit crops and more specifically sustainable pest management, blueberry horticulture, and application technologies. She has degrees in zoology from the University of Maryland and entomology from Pennsylvania State University focusing on IPM and insect diversity.