ASEV Traditional Scholarship Application

Please make sure all required materials are ready for upload before beginning the application.

  • Statement of Intent 
  • Letter of Acceptance (if applicable) 
  • List of Planned Courses

The application cannot be saved and resumed at a later time.

The following must be sent to the ASEV office separately:

From All Academic Institutions included in Transcripts.

Include copy of letter of acceptance for upcoming academic program if you will be just beginning the program identified above.

Exclusive of books or other non-tuition expenses.

Indicate amount and year received.

Upload a written statement of intent as it relates to a future career in the wine or grape industry. Identify your interests in the wine or grape industry or in related research. Elaborate on how you became interested in and what efforts you have made to become familiar with the industry and/or research. If you wish to be considered for the James Wolpert Scholarship Award, include details in your statement of intent regarding your intent to work in the field of viticulture or enology extension. Please limit this statement to one page.

Your letter of acceptance from the academic institution if you are beginning a new degree program.

A list of planned courses for the upcoming academic year, unless you are a graduate student who has completed the required classes for your program.

To the best of my knowledge the statements made on my scholarship application are correct. I have submitted true copies of official or authenticated transcripts and a true statement or official listing of coursework, if enrolled in courses. I further attest that I will be enrolled in the upcoming academic year on a full-time basis. I understand that the materials in the application packet become property of the Society and will not be released.

I understand that providing false or incomplete information will disqualify me from consideration for a scholarship from the American Society for Enology and Viticulture.