ASEV Technical Program Director
Board Position Vacancy
(Volunteer, 3-Year Term)

American Society for Enology and Viticulture

Bylaws Description:

The Technical Program Committee shall consist of the Technical Program Director as chair and additional members of the Society appointed by the Technical Program Director, with no less than two Board members which may include the Technical Program Director. The Technical Program Committee assumes responsibility for technical program development and related technical projects. The Committee will fully develop and oversee a program including technical projects such as: symposia, workshops, seminars, and sessions for the National Conference or other conferences or seminars under the auspices of the Society, which shall be subject to regular reports to and approval by the Board of Directors.

Position and Term:

The Technical Program Director is a volunteer position appointed by and reporting to the Board of Directors for a three-year term. The Technical Program Director will provide leadership for the Technical Program Committee by guiding the committee by liaising with association staff to ensure effective time and task management for long term planning of the association’s technical programs as described in the Bylaws. This will entail delegating to program committee members or organizing committees to identify key topics and appropriate speakers to build programs on.

Position Requirements:

  1.  Must be a Professional Member of the Society (required to serve on Board).
  2. Must participate in approximately six (6) Board meetings and one (1) board retreat each year and will be a voting member of the Board. 
  3. Will need to be available for conference calls with various program organizers and/or staff as needed.
  4. Must possess technical expertise in enology or viticulture.  
  5. Strong interest in fostering a technical program platform for national, professional wine and grape industry association to disseminate both fundamental and applied research.
  6. Must possess good organizational, communication, and collaborative skills.
  7. Some previous experience with budget development such as for conferences or seminars.


Vital and gratifying role in directing program development for well-established wine and grape industry national organization and as a Board member to impact professional education for many sectors of the industry including winemakers, viticulturists, university researchers, students and other professionals.

Support Staff:

The ASEV office is located at the ASEV headquarters in Davis, CA. There are currently 5 full-time and 1 part-time staff member that are engaged in aspects of conference organization and management in conjunction with other aspects of the association’s operations.


Reimbursement for all ASEV-hosted events and required meetings inclusive of travel, lodging and meals per ASEV reimbursement policies.

Estimated Time Commitment (exclusive of meetings):

5 hours/week average

Contact Information:

Qualified candidates should direct any inquiries to the Executive Director. Send resume and documentation of pertinent experience directed to the ASEV President at

Application Deadline:  

January 6, 2016

If you have any questions regarding ASEV or the position, please contact us.