2015 National Conference Overview

2015 National Conference Overview

This year’s 66th ASEV National Conference delivered a full menu of both technical information and fun in Portland, Oregon. A highlight this year was president Lise Asimont’s heartfelt traditional Polynesian dance for Lyndie Boulton. Additionally, there are some great photos of the 2015 conference you will want to check out too.

Other highlights from the conference include the Columbia Gorge tour, the Nitrogen Symposium (videos of the international speakers now available), and the presentation by ASEV of $75,000 in student scholarships. The best paper presentations, sponsored by J. Lohr Wines, drew packed crowds, as did both the Merit Award and ASEV Extension Distinction Award. Outstanding future industry leaders were also recognized with the ASEV Best Student Presentation Award, sponsored by Lallemand.

The National Conference continues to be successful because of its dedicated volunteers and generous sponsors. We thank the presenters, speakers, program organizers, and board members who collectively organized this national event for the wine and grape community to exchange vital technical information in a forum unique to ASEV.

We can’t wait to see you next year in Monterey, California, June 27-July 1, 2016.