Speaker Presentation Guidelines

All speakers using PowerPoint must take their presentation to the session room for the a/v technician to load the morning of their session. The a/v technician will load the presentations onto the laptop provided. If you wish to test the equipment, you may do so in the Speaker Ready Room during posted hours.


  • PC Laptop with Windows operating system and computer projector
  • Projection screen
  • Public address system (remote microphone)
    NOTE: Make sure that you dress in clothing suitable for attachment of the small clip-on microphone.
  • Laser pointers
  • Lectern
    NOTE: Overhead transparency, slide projectors and Internet will not be available.


Presentation from your own laptop will not be possible. You must use the laptop (running Windows 10) provided on-site.

  • Use PowerPoint 2016 or compatible earlier versions.
  • Bring your file on a USB memory stick.
  • Slides need to be sized for on-screen show with the orientation set for landscape, widescreen 16:9.
  • Use only standard PowerPoint fonts: Arial, Impact, Tahoma, Trebuchet, Comic Sans. Avoid Times New Roman or other serif fonts.
  • Font Sizes: slide titles – 40+ points, bulleted text – 32+ points, other text – 28+ points. Use the same for (imported) tables.
  • Import pictures and photos in standard formats: .jpg, .gif, or .tif.
  • Use white or bright yellow text on black or dark blue background, or vice versa. Avoid reds or greens as they will not show well on the projection screen. Avoid busy backgrounds and lengthy or animated slide transitions.
  • Evaluate the size of scanned images you import. Your image resolution doesn’t need to be higher than your computer screen.
  • Use the Speaker Ready Room at the conference hotel to practice as needed.