General information

Nomination for the Extension Distinction Award

The nomination process includes the following:

  • A brief (not to exceed 750 words) letter indicating the reason why the individual (or self, for self nominations) is deserving of the award. This letter should identify the major contributions on which the nomination is based and explain why the nominee is especially qualified to receive this award. Each of the following criteria should be addressed in the statement:
    • A noteworthy career in viticulture or enology extension education leading to an effective program of significant impact in the grape and wine industry.
    • Outstanding and innovative activities, projects, and/or methods that brought substantial and desirable changes in the grape and wine industry in the nominee’s state or district.
    • Other major contributions, activities, and services to the wine or grape industry in the area of extension of information.
    • Demonstrated leadership in enology or viticulture extension activities.
  • Letters of support may be requested by the Extension Distinction Award Committee if deemed necessary for evaluation of a candidate.
  • Eligible nominees not selected for the award in the year of the initial nomination shall be kept on file for automatic consideration for up to 3 additional years, without requiring re-nomination. Approximately 1 month before the closing of nominations in the next nomination cycle, the original nominators will be asked if they would like to update their nomination letter. Additional nominations by different nominators does not count for the 3-year roll-forward limit.

Deadline: Submit nominations through August 1.