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Significant Enhancements Coming Soon to AJEV and Catalyst

Catalyst: Discovery into Practice will soon be part of the American Journal of Enology and Viticulture (AJEV). The ASEV Board of Directors approved the Publication Committee’s recommendation in June to consolidate Catalyst into ASEV starting January 2023.

Catalyst was formed in 2016 to offer practical research with immediate application for the industry. The Committee felt it was timely to merge its content into the larger Journal, which has been published since 1950. The newly merged publication will be available under a continuous publication model, with article numbers assigned, and no longer tied to an issue format. Under this publication model, the window from article submission to publication will be shortened. Newer approaches to article submission, including video format and active writing, will be continued and encouraged. The Journal will be published online only, with a print-on-demand option.

ASEV adopted a hybrid open-access model in 2021 and recently announced the option for published authors to retroactively apply open access publishing to their articles in AJEV and/or Catalyst.

For more information about publishing options and fees, click here.