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Corey Beck of Francis Ford Coppola Presents to Share Goal Inspirations for Students and Early Career Members

Corey Beck, CEO and Winemaking ChiefThis year, early career members and students will have the opportunity to hear from Corey Beck, CEO and Winemaking Chief at Francis Ford Coppola Presents, at the Early Career Member Lunch on June 19, 2019. Rooted in the promise of providing professional guidance and development, ASEV offers this luncheon seminar as part of the National Conference experience for students and early career members to learn from established industry leaders.

Beck will share some of the quotes that he lives his life by to inspire attendees to start thinking about their own priorities.

“Principals and goals are key components to work and life, and often we never take the time to define them. It’s imperative to define these components by creating your own opportunities and aligning yourself with companies who share your values and principles so you can inspire others while you achieve your goals,” said Beck.