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Best Student Presentation Award Winners and Scholarships

As part of ASEV’s ongoing commitment to the industry, ASEV continues to play a role in nurturing future leaders. We commend our student presentation award winners and scholarship recipients.

This year’s student presentation award winners include:

  • Nicholas Basinger, The Effect of Herbicide Strip Width and Late Season Weed Competition of Winegrape Vine Growth, Berry Quality and Yield (Viticulture – Oral Presentation)
  • Megan Hall,  Ethanol and Acetic Acid Content of Sour Rotted Winegrapes and Disease Control With Antimicrobial and Insecticide Sprays (Viticulture – Poster Presentation)
  • Gordon A. Walker, Effects of Sulfur Dioxide on Fermentation Kinetics, the Wine Microbiome, Prion Induction and Ester Formation (Enology – Oral Presentation)
  • Lindsay Springer, Limits on Red Wine Tannin Extraction and Additions: The Role of Pathenogenesis-related Proteins (Enology – Poster Presentation)

Thank you to our long-time sponsor Lallemand (enology oral and poster)

Additionally, we are proud to support students who pursue a career in viticulture and enology. Congratulations to the 2014 scholarship recipients who were awarded $70,000 collectively.