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ASEV Platform – October 2019

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Nominations for Merit Award and Extension Distinction Award Due November 1

Do you know of groundbreaking works in enology or viticulture that deserve to be recognized? Let others know by nominating that person for an ASEV award.

Here are the different ways ASEV recognizes industry leaders:

  • Merit Award: Outstanding individual achievement in the field of enology or viticulture
  • Extension Distinction Award: Current extension educator, based on his or her outstanding contribution of: (1) information in enology or viticulture through his or her extension program, or (2) the translation of novel research findings into commercially applicable tools for enologists or viticulturists

If there’s a professor or an industry professional who deserves accolades, there’s no better compliment than a nomination from a colleague who recognizes their impact on enology or viticulture. Don’t miss this opportunity to let ASEV know that this person deserves to be recognized.

Take part in the process and place your nomination by November 1. Click on the appropriate award for nomination forms.

ASEV Platform

Unified Wine & Grape Symposium Registration is Now Open

Registration for the 2020 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium is now open. The Unified Symposium will take place on February 4-6, 2020, at our temporary venue, Cal Expo in Sacramento, California. Click here for FAQs regarding our move.

Unified Wine & Grape Symposium Registration is Now Open Program co-chairs Nichola Hall and Keith Striegler share what to expect for the upcoming Unified Symposium in this video. For more detailed information, visit the website at

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Dr. Spayd’s Merit Award Presentation is Now Available

Dr. Sara Spayd’s 2019 Merit Award Presentation is now available online. Her presentation, titled “Multidisciplinary Work in Viticulture and Enology Takes Villages,” touches on the many influences that life, work and career paths take. Here’s a quick excerpt:

“…The more it sunk in that I was to receive this award and give this presentation, the more intimidating it became. However, I knew immediately the topic I wanted to cover and even how I wanted to cover it. Multidisciplinary studies are critical to agricultural research and, I would argue, are particularly important to our industry. The impacts of where vines are planted, what vines are planted, and how the vines are managed on fruit composition, quality, ripening, and ultimately, on wine quality have been widely studied. Although much research has already been conducted, changes in the environment, management tools, emerging production areas, and market demands make necessary the need for continued multidisciplinary research, extension, and educational programs in viticulture and enology.

I want to put a bit of a twist on approaching multidisciplinary industry, research, and education efforts for the viticulture and enology community using the context of villages. I hope that you will consider how problems have been approached as a group or a team of people in the villages of your life and career. Each village has its own stories and is usually connected by roads that often remain connected for the lifetime of the village, with movement along those roads in both directions.”  

Read Dr. Spayd’s presentation by clicking here.

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ASEV is committed to providing resources for lifelong learning and professional growth. ASEV offers access to decades of peer-reviewed research, videos on-demand, free webinars and discounted fees to ASEV-sponsored professional development events, such as the Unified Symposium and the ASEV National Conference. But more importantly, ASEV nurtures future leaders and fosters a professional community. Join us by clicking here or call us at (530) 753-3142. 

zelma long Zelma Long, Winemaking Partner at Vilafonté:

“I believe that an ASEV membership is essential to having a fully rounded and grounded wine/vine career. I wanted to work at the top of my profession, and ASEV facilitated that in many ways.”

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Volunteering with ASEV

Here at ASEV, volunteers are the heart of the organization and essential to our success. Our board and committee members are all volunteers. They continually use their voices to shape and influence the wine and grape industry. We’d love to have you join us. Click here to find out how you can be a part of this community.