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Learn What Jalapeno Has to Do with Craft Beverages at the Extension Distinction Award Presentation in June

Senior Extension Associate Chris Gerling of Cornell AgriTech in Geneva, New York, is this year’s ASEV Extension Distinction Award recipient. Working with the craft beverage industry, he creates educational programs that support the growth and improved quality of premium wines, ciders and distilled spirits. He organizes and conducts workshops and seminars that focus on production and analytical techniques for farm-based beverages. He manages two laboratories: (1) the Vinification & Brewing Technology Lab, where fermentations are conducted for research projects and industry trials; and (2) the Cornell Craft Beverage Analysis Lab, where products may be submitted for troubleshooting, routine analysis or sensory appraisal.

Join us for his in-person 2022 ASEV Extension Award Presentation, “Of Course There’s Jalapeño in It: Enology Extension in the Craft Beverage Era,” on June 21 in San Diego.

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