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ASEV Membership Survey Results

The ASEV greatly appreciates the members who took the time to fill out the 2014 membership survey. It is through your valuable feedback that we shape the direction of our Society.  Here are some highlights from the survey:

Members felt ASEV provided a valuable service to the wine and grape industry, is key to their professional development and is balanced in addressing both enology and viticulture research. They also expressed confidence in the staff.

Benefits are important, and ASEV wanted to know which services members utilize and want. The top three results include:

  • American Journal of Enology and Viticulture or AJEV (91%)
  • Networking opportunities for professional and interpersonal needs (83%)
  • AJEV online features tied with the in-depth symposia or seminars featured at the National Conference (77%)

And what do members think about the National Conference?

  • 81% say it provides relevant and applicable information
  • 80% believe that the National Conference is a critical benefit for networking with colleagues
  • 80% feel that this is an important benefit to the ASEV membership