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ASEV Announces New AJEV Managing Editor

Raquel Abad

We are pleased to announce that Raquel Abad will assume the Managing Editor position that Judith McKibben has held the past fourteen years. Raquel holds a Master of Library and Information Science and was a medical librarian for the University of California, Davis, for the past four years.

Prior to working at UC Davis, Raquel was employed by the University of Massachusetts Medical School also as a medical librarian and continued by contract to serve as Managing Editor for two established online publications for the Department of Neurology and for the Lamar Soutter Library at U Mass Medical School.  She has been directly involved with the entire manuscript publishing process and views journal production as a career advancement opportunity. Raquel has taught educational seminars on NIH Public Access Policy compliance and EndNote, and has served as a member on the Data Management Plan Team for the University Libraries at the University of California, Davis.

Raquel will work in conjunction with Judith McKibben for the next two weeks and then fully assume the helm as Managing Editor on September 8. Raquel is looking forward to working with Science Editor Linda Bisson, the Publications Committee, editors, reviewers, authors, and learning a new vocabulary as she greatly enjoys wine and is very science-focused.