ASEV Platform

Altmetric for AJEV and Catalyst: Score Alerts and Updates

Altmetric, available on both AJEV and Catalyst online platforms, is a service that monitors online sources for mentions of scholarly articles. If an article has been mentioned, it will receive an Altmetric “badge” that reflects where and how many times the article has been mentioned. It is then given an Altmetric score that is based on these data. Altmetric provides a way for authors to determine the impact and attention their articles receive beyond the traditional literature citation and enables a measurement of the impact of the individual articles, rather than that of the entire journal. The Altmetric data available for the journal articles allow readers and authors to see the attention each article is receiving in real-time and also allow for exploration of the conversations surrounding the content.

Almetric badges currently appear on the abstract view of the article, directly above the image of the journal cover, and also on the “Info and Metrics” tab of articles that have an Altmetric score (located beneath the Author Information heading). Clicking the badge will present more detailed information regarding the score that appears in the badge. Please see this article for an example of an Altmetric badge.

If an article in AJEV or Catalyst has received an updated Altmetric score, it is possible to set up alerts so that the reader (or the article author) receives an email when the score has been updated. This can be set up by going to the article’s Altmetric “Details” page (by clicking the Altmetric badge , which can be found on the right-side of the article abstract view), then clicking on the “Alert me about new mentions” blue box that is displayed on the right side of the “Details” page. See screen shot for an example.