ASEV Selects 2008 Best Enology and Viticulture Papers


DAVIS, CA, March 10, 2008…. Labeled “elegant and complex” by the American Society for Enology and Viticulture (ASEV) best paper committee, England’s John C. Danilewicz’s paper, “Interaction of Sulfur Dioxide, Polyphenols, and Oxygen in a Wine-Model System: Central Role of Iron and Copper,” has been selected as the best enology paper published in 2007 in the American Journal of Enology and Viticulture (AJEV).The counterpart best viticulture paper was awarded to Markus Keller and Lynn J.Mills from Washington State University, Prosser, for “Effect of Pruning on Recovery and Productivity of Cold-Injured Merlot Grapevines.”

The committee noted that Danilewicz’s enology paper “brings us significantly closer to a full understanding of the role of metals and their oxidative interactions with phenolics and SO2 in wine. Understanding the important roles that copper and iron play in aging interactions has valuable and far-reaching consequences to winemaking and wine quality. This clear treatment of a complex topic, supported by simple but powerful experimental design, provides elegant, concise and well-substantiated logical results leading to novel and profound conclusions.”

Keller and Mills’ viticulture paper was recognized by the committee for its excellent mix of straightforward scientific experimentation leading to applicable results for winegrowers in many regions with sporadic or frequent problems with winter frost damage. The paper’s research revises some traditional opinions on re-establishing productivity for injured vines and is expected to have a strong impact on viticulture and vineyard management practices in cool climates.

Each year, the ASEV best paper committee reviews all research articles published in the AJEV and determines one viticulture and one enology paper that reflect outstanding research and a substantial contribution to its field. The 2007-08 committee members include Christian Butzke of Purdue University (Chair); David Hastings of Kendall-Jackson; George Vierra of Napa Valley College; Steve Vasquez, University of California Cooperative Extension, Fresno; and Carmo Vasconcelos of HortResearch in New Zealand. The authors will receive recognition and a monetary award at the June 2008 ASEV Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon.

Both best papers are currently highlighted at and are available for reading at no charge.


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