2023 Presentation Guidelines for Research Reports (Oral Presentations)


Presentation Guidelines for Research Reports
Oral Presentations

We offer the following to allow for a wide range of presentation experience. These guidelines are intended to aid you in a successful presentation at the ASEV National Conference.


  • It is necessary to pre-register for the ASEV National Conference. Click here to register for the conference through June 20. Registration is not complimentary. We extend our pre-registration member rate of $250 USD to all presenters through June 20. However, ASEV Student Member presenters are entitled to complimentary conference registration (General Registration, Wednesday & Thursday). If you are not an ASEV member, we encourage you to join.
  • Obtain your badge and registration material at the conference in the ASEV registration area.


  • The session moderator will be available during the entire session. You are encouraged to move away from the podium and to interact with the audience. If at all possible, do not READ your entire presentation.
  • REHEARSE your presentation. Practice several times so that you are familiar with the content and your presentation will not run over the allocated time.
  • Use your visual aids as your prompter, and/or use small cards or a one page sheet of prompting words from the lecture that you can glance at. (The latter works well because you can have your hands free for the pointer).


  • You will be presenting a brief summary of your research with results and conclusions as applicable. This should be directly related to the information as submitted in your abstract.
  • Keep the description of the methodology as brief as possible. A clear message conveyed to the audience is essential to ensure they benefit from your research presentation.


  • Each presentation shall be a maximum of 18 minutes in order to allow enough time for speaker transitions and Q&A at the end of the session. Make sure you leave enough time for the summary and conclusion. A brief period at the end of the session will be reserved for questions and answers.
  • Please refrain from infringing upon another speaker’s time. All sessions are on a time schedule and adherence to this schedule is very critical. If your presentation exceeds the time allowed, the session moderator will request that you end your presentation.
  • Presentations must be given during the time period that has been designed for each paper as printed in the official program. You will not be able to switch times with another speaker.


  • Presentation from your own laptop will not be possible. You are expected to use the laptop (running Windows 10 for PC) provided on-site.
  • Use versions 2016 or compatible earlier versions.
  • Bring your file on a USB drive.
  • Make sure your slides are sized for On-screen Show with the orientation set at Landscape, widescreen 16:9.
  • Use only standard PowerPoint fonts: Arial, Impact, Tahoma, Trebuchet, Comic Sans. Avoid Times New Roman or other serif fonts.
  • Font Sizes: slide titles – 40+ points, bulleted text – 32+ points, other text – 28+ points. Use the same for (imported) tables. 
  • Use white or bright yellow text on black or dark blue background, or vice versa. Avoid red or green text as it does not show well on the projection screen. Avoid busy backgrounds and lengthy or animated slide transitions.
  • Import pictures and photos in standard formats: .jpg, .gif, or .tif.
  • Evaluate the size of scanned images you import. Your image resolution doesn’t need to be higher than your computer screen.


  • PC Laptop with Windows 10 operating system and computer projector
  • Projection screen
  • Public address system (remote microphone)
    NOTE: Make sure that you dress in clothing suitable for attachment of the small clip-on microphone.
  • Laser pointers


  • Provide a copy of your PowerPoint presentation per instructions in the room.
  • All presenters are encouraged to conduct a practice trial in the Speaker Ready Room at the hotel.
  • An audiovisual technician will be available as requested.
  • Please refer to the ASEV National Conference Daily Schedule on our website for Speaker Ready Room hours and room name.