2021 Presentation Guidelines For Research Reports (Poster Presentations)


2021 Presentation Guidelines for Research Reports
Poster Presentations

We offer the following guidelines to aid you in a successful presentation at the Virtual ASEV National Conference. The goal of a poster session is to convey information by the combination of a visual display, questions and discussion.


  • It is necessary to pre-register for the ASEV National Conference. Click here to register for the conference through June 15. Registration is not complimentary. We extend our pre-registration member rate of $200 USD to all presenters through June 15. However, ASEV Student Member presenters are entitled to complimentary conference registration (General Registration, Tuesday through Thursday). If you are not an ASEV member, we encourage you to join.


  • Design your Poster the same way you would design it for printing it for a poster hall. Save your poster to a PDF and upload it.
  • Poster size should be 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • The poster consists of the following:
  1. Title of the presentation
  2. Author(s) and their institutions
  3. Introduction
  4. Materials and Methods
  5. Tables, graphs, and diagrams of photographs describing the work, especially the results
  6. Conclusion
  • Upload your PDF file by June 1. Save your file as last name, first name, and first word of your presentation with an underscore between first name and first word of presentation (e.g.: LastnameFirstname_Firstword.pdf).


  • No live presentations will be given, but we encourage real-time engagement through our poster session platform where you will be able to directly correspond with attendees during conference hours. You can choose to use the built-in chat feature and/or attendees can email by using the “Drop Business Card” feature.


  • Some student poster presenters have been assigned 3-minute (including introduction) oral Flash Talks. These “flash” presentations will provide additional opportunities to briefly review your current research highlights.
  • Flash talks will be pre-recorded by the presenter and will be attached to the poster presentations.
  • Click here for instructions on how to record your presentation using Zoom.
  • Submit a .mp4 file to us by June 1. Click here to upload.
  • Please follow some of the guidelines listed in the Oral Presentation Guidelines for the Flash Talks.