Sulfide Production, Management and Prevention in Winemaking
Industry Seminar – Winemaking

Location: Hyatt Regency Austin

Although the various mechanisms that lead to the formation of volatile sulfur compounds (i.e. , hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, etc.) throughout the winemaking process are not fully understood, we can say that these complex reactions are troublesome and, once experienced, hard to forget.

During this session our speakers will discuss the current understanding underlying the production of sulfur off-odors and how to manage the winemaking process to minimize their formation. We will also include a discussion on treatment and identification of negative sulfur-off odors.


Nichola Hall, Scott Laboratories, California

  Winemaking Techniques to Minimize the Production of Sulfides
Karl Antink, J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines, California
  Current understanding of sulfides production during the winemaking process
Denise Gardner, Pennsylvania State University, University Park
  Sulfide Identification and Treatment Throughout the Winemaking Process
Benedicte Rhyne, Wine Country Consulting, Texas