ASEV Membership


ASEV Membership

Individual Membership

ASEV offers membership classifications for individuals, retired members, and companies. The classifications for individuals include Professional and Student members, and there is an Emeritus member classification for fully retired Professional Members.

Company Membership

An Industrial Affiliate category is offered for companies. You may review the specific parameters of each of these classifications in the ASEV Bylaws.


ASEV members can also become chapter members depending on geographic location. Please refer to each chapter for membership details and Bylaw requirements.

AJEV Subscriptions Only

Academic Institutions can subscribe to the ASEV journals without becoming members. Information on this program is available on the AJEV website.

2019 Member and Industrial Affiliate Dues

(Membership and Industrial Affiliation are based on a calendar year.)

Professional Membership
  Journals Online Only Journals Online & AJEV Print
U.S. $195 $315
Int’l. $200 $330
Student and Emeritus Membership
  Journals Online Only Journals Online & AJEV Print
U.S. $45 N/A
Int’l. $50 N/A
Industrial Affiliation
  Journals Online Only Journal Online & AJEV Print
U.S. $650 $780
Int’l. $650 $780

ASEV Membership Directories & Contact Information Policy

The following use of contact information is a condition of ASEV membership and affiliation: All current ASEV members and Industrial Affiliates are listed in the online membership directories. Access to the directories is only provided to current members and affiliates. ASEV provides the contact information for each member and affiliate to ASEV contractors such as for registration, newsletters, and other distributions to members for postal and/or electronic mailing as stipulated by ASEV.