Cold Damage: Vineyard Cultural Practices to Manage It
Industry Seminar – Grapegrowing

Location: Hyatt Regency Austin

Winter cold damage is a devastating injury to vineyards, especially Vitis vinifera, and can cause disruption in crop production for years after the initial injury. The 2013- 2014 winter reached record lows and snowfall levels, and caused cold damage to vineyards in many parts of the country. Proper management of cold damage through critical vineyard cultural practices can make a huge difference in recovering both vigor and crop by years. This seminar will focus on the experience growers’ experience with cold damage and the methods they have employed to recover the production in their vineyards.


Hans Walter-Peterson, Cornell University, New York


Russ Smithyman, Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery, Washington

Jim Willwerth, Brock University, Canada