2017 Honorary Research Lecturer
Perspectives on Applied Physiology in Support of Viticulture

Dr. Alan Lakso
Location: Hyatt Regency Bellevue

We are pleased to host our 2017 Honorary Research Lecturer Professor Emeritus Dr. Alan Lakso of the School of Integrative Plant Science, Horticulture Section of Cornell University, New York. The honorary research lecturer is granted to an individual with a current national or international reputation in his or her field of research who is also actively involved in scientific research.

Alan Lakso’s research addresses the physiological principles of vine development, and environment and grower practices. For many years, fruit crop physiology research was primarily explanatory, but Dr. Lakso’s research strove to improve practice, not just explain it.

His research focused on fruit development and related factors such as pruning and training, crop load, water relations and the environment. All of these issues required close collaboration with researchers of varying disciplines, extension specialists and growers. 

Dr. Lakso has authored numerous publications throughout his career and was an original academic member of the National Grape and Wine Initiative. He’s been an ASEV member since 1971 and previously served on the Organizing Committee for the Water Use Efficiency Symposium at ASEV’s 65th National Conference.