Purdue’s Butzke Takes Top Role as ASEV President

Dr. Christian Butzke of Purdue University succeeded Opus One’s Michael Silacci as the ASEV board president on July 1.

“Michael Silacci, in his focused, sophisticated manner, has led an exceptional group of people who implemented a number of innovative program concepts and ideas,” said Butzke. “It has been an honor to work with him and to follow in his footsteps and expand on what he has started during his term.”

Christian Butzke, a former commercial winemaker, has been the enology professor at Purdue University’s Department of Food Science since 2005. He will lead the ASEV board as it works to enhance relevance and value for its membership through continually evolving programs, publications and special events. Butzke, a member of ASEV since 1993, has served five years on the board of directors and on almost every committee within the Society. He has also organized various successful ASEV and Unified Symposium program events, including the recent Cabernet Symposium in Napa, California.

John Clark of The Wine Group was re-elected as director and Patty Skinkis of Oregon State University is a new director. Thomas Collins of Foster’s Wine Estates Americas vacated his director position as he was appointed secretary/treasurer to complete the term previously held by Sara Spayd. Peter Cousins of the U.S. Department of Agriculture/Cornell (New York) and Jim Harbertson of Washington State University will continue as directors. Steve Kupina has resigned as Technical Projects Committee (TPC) Director due to professional redirection outside the industry, and the board will address this vacancy in August as well as the open director

“Our board is made up of outstanding, dedicated individuals who understand the hard work ahead of us. I am thrilled to be working with our board and look forward to the year ahead,” said Butzke.