2019 Keynote Presentation


2019 ASEV Keynote Presentation
Contextual Research Technological Developments to Unlock Consumer Wine-related Behavior and Preference Information during Diverse Consumption Occasions

Dr. Susan Bastian
Location: Napa Valley Ballroom

How many of you frequently unwind with Friday after work drinks with colleagues, enjoy a convivial glass of wine with friends or family over dinner and toast special milestones or successes by raising glasses of sparkling wine? To obtain deeper understanding of the intricate wine market, the wine industry must consider the notion that their consumers do not drink wine on the cellar floor or in a clinical, white and isolating sensory lab. Wine consumer behavior research needs to take into account the contextual factors associated with the diversity of wine consumption moments including the social interactions, environmental conditions and product attributes.

This presentation explores the growing body of literature demonstrating how context effects wine consumer wine behavior, choice, perception, emotions and liking. It emphasizes how the sensory properties of wine represent only one of many factors influencing the consumer’s perception of the beverage, and that changing the context using different methodologies can alter consumers’ responses and decisions. Newer technologies are coming online that simulate real environments and immerse research participants in more engaging settings relative to the sensory lab, which are likely to enhance consumer data quality. Current and future applications of technology such as immersive methodologies encompassing virtual reality and the debated use of wine consumers for objectively profiling wine for product optimization will be discussed. Finally, the paucity of knowledge about context and wine reviews written by influential wine media highlighted.


Dr. Susan Bastian, The University of Adelaide, Australia