Viticulture – Disease Session
Research Reports

Location: Monterey Conference Center


Keith Striegler, E. & J. Gallo Winery, California


8:15 am – 8:35 am Identification of the Pierce’s Disease Resistance Locus PdR2 from the Mexican Grape Species Accession b42-26
Summaira Riaz, University of California, Davis
8:35 am – 8:55 am Effects of Grapevine Leafroll-Associated Virus 3 on Cabernet franc Fruit Yield, Composition, and Wine Quality
Pat Bowen, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Canada
8:55 am – 9:15 am Red Blotch Disease Affects Vine Metabolism before Symptoms Are Apparent
Kaan Kurtural, University of California, Davis
9:15 am – 9:35 am Impact of Red Blotch Disease on Grape and Wine Composition and Quality of Three Varieties Harvested Sequentially
Raul Cauduro Girardello, University of California, Davis
9:35 am – 9:55 am Sources of Resistance to Root-knot Nematode and Phylloxera
Daniel Pap, University of California, Davis