Publication John H. Thorngate III (editor).

Proceedings of Phenolics Substances in Grapes and Wine: A Symposium Honoring Vernon L. Singleton

(2008) (CD format only).
Consists of eight peer-reviewed papers presented by invited speakers at a symposium held February 1, 2008 honoring Dr. Vernon L. Singleton of the University of California, Davis, for his outstanding and influential career in wine phenolic chemistry. 

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Table of Contents

John H. Thorngate, III

Vernon L. Singleton: A Citation Perspective, Polyphenolic Substances, and Oxygen Uptake
Roger Boulton
1 – 8

Development of Colorimetric Methods to Measure Phenolics in Wine and Grapes: The Legacy of Vernon Singleton
James F. Harbertson
9 – 13

Wine Oxidation Mechanism: The Seminal Study of Wildenradt and Singleton
Andrew L. Waterhouse
14 – 17

Astringency and Bitterness: The Sensory Forays of Vernon Singleton and Where They Led
Ann C. Noble and John H. Thorngate, III
18 – 23

Hydroxycinnamates of Vitis vinifera: Vernon Singleton’s Contribution to Understanding Their Chemistry, Distribution, and Behavior during Fruit Development
Douglas O. Adams
24 – 31

Discovery and Characterization of Grape Reaction Product and Its Role in Must Oxidative Browning
Véronique Cheynier
32 – 36

Nonenzymic Autoxidative Phenolic Browning: A Review
Johannes J.L. Cilliers
37 – 45

Red Wine Tannins: Extraction and Reaction
James A. Kennedy
46 – 51