Publication J.M. Rantz (editor). N.K. Dokoozlian, L.E. Williams, D.J. Hirschfelt, D.A. Luvisi, L.P. Christensen, D.W. Ramming, R.A. Neja, W.L. Peacock, and S.A. Badr (technical editors).

Proceedings of the International Symposium on Table Grape Production (1994)

 Consists of papers presented by invited speakers at the International Symposium on Table Grape Production held on June 28 & 29, 1994 in Anaheim, California. 

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Table of Contents

International Table Grape Production

Table grape production in Chile.
J. Perez-Harvey

Table grape production in Israel.
S. Lavee

Table grape production in Italy.
C. S. Liuni, A. Coletta, and L. Perez de Sousa

Table grape production in South Africa.
C. H. F. Orth

Table grape production in California.
F. L. Jensen

Table grape production in tropical America.
F. J. Araujo

Production of table grapes in South India.
J. V. Possingham

Plant Growth Regulators

Effectiveness and mode of action of gibberellic acid on grape berry thinning.
G. F. Gil, M. Rivera, F. Varas, and J. P. Zoffoli

Influence of application timing of gibberellin berry-enlarging treatments on the maturity of Thompson Seedless table grapes.
F. L. Jensen, M. Bianchi, M. Moriyama, and D. Kazarian

The effect of forchlorfenuron on bunch quality in table grapes.
E. E. H. Wolf, J. A. Viljoen, A. Nieuwenhuys,and J. T. Loubser

Gibberellic acid levels and quality effects of gibberellic acid in treated Sultanina grapes.
E. E. H. Wolf and J. T. Loubser

Gibberellic acid-induced seedlessness in field-grown vines of D. Maria table grapes.
L. C. Peres de Sousa

Endogenous hormone-like activities within seeded and seedless grape berries.
H. I. Macias Hernandez, H. Ramirez, and A. Reyes Lopez

Forchlorfenuron (CPPU) increases the berry size and delays the maturity of Thompson Seedless table grapes.
N. K. Dokoozlian, M. M. Moriyama,and N. C. Ebisuda

Nutrition and Irrigation

Long term fertigation scheduling of table grape cultivars in Chile. Part I: Irrigation.
L. A. Gurovich, J. Pacheco, and H. Sierra

Long term fertigation scheduling of table grape cultivars in Chile. Part II: Fertilization.
L. A. Gurovich, R. Oyarzun, and H. Estay

A new software for table grape fertigation scheduling.
L. A. Gurovich and V. Steiner

Mineral nutrient level comparisons of five table grape cultivars on ten rootstocks, 1992 and 1993.
L. P. Christensen, D. A. Luvisi, and P. L. Schrader

Studies on NFT culture of Kyoho grapes: Effect of solution temperature on vegetative growth and berry quality.
H. Motsugi, K. Beppu, and A. Sugiura

Pedicel girdling in table grapes.
G. G. van der Merwe

Dormancy Management

Managing harvest date by breaking dormancy at different bud physiological stages.
J. H. Siller-Cepeda, G. Osorio, A. Sanchez, M. Baez, A. Gardea, R. Baez, and C. H. Crisosto

Post-harvest irrigation and cyanamide effects on budbreak and yield of Perlette grapevines grown in the Coachella Valley.
R. A. Neja, L. E. Williams, L. A. Yates,and E. L. Walker

Control of flowering to produce table grapes in December.
A. Reyes Lopez, H. H. Macias, L. H. Banuelos, and J. R. Vega

Rootstocks, Breeding, and Cultivar Improvement

Performance of Thompson Seedless and Crimson Seedless table grapes on ten rootstocks: A preliminary report.
D. A. Luvisi and P. L. Schrader

Performance of Thompson Seedless on three rootstocks in a fanleaf degeneration site: A progress report.
J. A. Wolpert, D. A. Luvisi, P. Schrader, and M. A. Walker

C41-5, A stenospermocarpic seedless Vitis vinifera X Vitis rotundifolia hybrid developed by embryo rescue.
D. W. Ramming, R. L. Emershad, and R. Tarailo

The development and production of new seedless table grape varieties.
H. Bazak and A. Pearl

Grapevine rootstock performance in South Africa.
J. T. Loubser, J. H. Avenant, and E. W. Le Grange

Effects of buffers and pH on Vitis somatic embryo proliferation and enlargement.
R. L. Emershad, and D. W. Ramming

Origin of somatic embryos from embryo rescue cultures of seedless grapes (Vitis vinifera L.).
D. A. Margosan, R. L. Emmershad, and D. W. Ramming

Growth, nutrient levels, yield, and fruit quality of Redglobe vines grafted on rootstocks.
S. A. Badr

The behavior of Victoria grapes used for table grape production in the Dealu Mare grape district in Romania.
N. Varga, E. Minalca, and I. lonita


The effect of girdling on leaf net C02 assimilation, water potential, and non-structural carbohydrates of Thompson Seedless.
L. E. Williams, W. A. Retzlaff, W. Yang, P. J. Biscay, and N. Ebisuda

Irrigation, nitrogen fertilization, and fruit cane location effects on bud fruitfulness and bud necrosis of Thompson Seedless grapevines.
W. M. Kliewer, J. Perez Harvey, and A. Zelleke

Implications of partial defoliation of the grapevine (Vitis vinifera L./99 Richter).
J. J. Hunter, H. P. Ruffner, R. Skrivan, C. G. Volschenk, and D. J. Le Roux

Pigment syndrome in Thompson Seedless grapes (Vitis vinifera L.).
J. M. Khilari and D. K. Salunkhe

Determination of ampelographic formula for some table grape varieties.
S. Celik

Photosynthetic rate, sugar content, and sucrolytic activity in grapevine leaves.
J. J. Hunter, R. Skrivan, and H. P. Ruffner

The effect of wind on table grape production.
J. Campbell-Clause

Training-Trellis Systems and Canopy Management

Training-trellis systems and canopy management of table grapes in Chile.
J. Perez-Harvey

Training-trellis systems and canopy management of table grapes in Israel.
S. Lavee

Training-trellis systems and canopy management of table grapes in South Africa.
C. H. F. Orth and K. R. Chambers

Training-trellis systems and canopy management of table grapes in California.
W. L. Peacock, F. L. Jensen, and N. K. Dokoozlian

Post-Harvest Physiology

Maintaining table grape post-harvest quality for long distant markets.
C. H. Crisosto, J. L. Smilanick, N. K. Dokoozlian, and D. Luvisi

The effect of slow-release SO2 generators during cold storage of table grapes.
G. Soylemezoglu and Y. S. Agaoglu

Post-harvest weight loss of Flame Seedless clusters.
A. A. Gardea, M. A. Martinez-Tellez, A. Sanchez, M. Baez, J. H. Siller, G. Gonzales, R. Baez, C. H. Crisosto, and R. S. Criddle

Persistence of sulfite residues in table grapes during weekly fumigated storage.
R. K. Austin, W. Clay, S. Phimphivong, J. L. Smilanick, and D. J. Henson

Cultural Practices

Influence of vine crop load on Redglobe table grapes.
N. K. Dokoozlian, D. A. Luvisi, P. L. Schrader, and J. J. Kosareff

Effect of between-vine spacing and leaf removal on vine growth, yield, and fruit quality of Thompson Seedless and Flame Seedless cultivars.
J. Perez-Harvey and C. Bonilla-Melendez

The development and response of Crimson Seedless cultivar to cultural practices.
S. A. Badr and David W. Ramming

Palatability of Dauphine table grapes – Is it affected by different viticultural practices?
C. H. F. Orth, S. Stevens, and B. W. van Dyk

The effect of hail netting on the performance of table grapes in the summer rainfall regions of South Africa.
J. H. Avenant

Table grape production in glasshouses in France.
J. Vidaud

Influence of cultural practices on Redglobe table grapes.
I. J. Cameron

Influence of trunk girdle timing and ethephon on the quality of Crimson Seedless table grapes.
N. K. Dokoozlian, D. A. Luvisi, P. L. Schrader, and M. M. Moriyama