Publication J.M. Rantz (editor). D.O. Adams, P.B. Lombard, C.S. Ough, S.F. Price, and B.T. Watson (technical editors).

Proceedings of the International Symposium on Nitrogen in Grapes and Wine (1991)

Contains the keynote and poster presentations of invited speakers at the International Symposium on Nitrogen in Grapes and Wine held on June 18 & 19, 1991 in Seattle, Washington. 

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Table of Contents

Soil nitrogen and the uptake of nitrogen in grapevines.
O. Lohnertz

Ground water pollution by nitrate in viticultural areas.
K. Schaller

Nitrogen dynamics in grapevine: physiology and modeling.
B. Wermelinger

Translocation and storage by grapevines as affected by time of application.
W. J. Conradie

Nitrogen assimilation in higher plants: strategies for annual and perennial plant species.
A. Oaks, C. J. Clark, and J. S. Greenwood

Amino acid and protein metabolism in Vitis spp.
K. A. Roubelakis-Angelakis

Vine nitrogen requirements – utilization of N sources from soils, fertilizers, and reserves.
L. E. Williams

Nitrogen compounds in grapes, must, and wine.
W. R. Sponholz

Influence of nitrogen on yeast and fermentation of grapes.
L. F. Bisson

Canopy microclimate implications for nitrogen effects on yield and quality.
R. E.Smart

Inflorescence necrosis: Is ammonium the culprit?
D. Jordan, P. Breen, S. F. Price, and P. B. Lombard

The relationship of nitrogen and other nutritional elements to the bunch stem necrosis disorder “waterberry”.
L. P. Christensen, J. Boggero, and D. O. Adams

The influence of nitrogen fertilization on bud necrosis and bud fruitfulness of grapevines.
J. Perez-Harvey

Efficient uptake and utilization of nitrogen in drip- and furrow-irrigated vineyards.
W. L. Peacock, L. P. Christensen, D. J. Hirschfelt, F. E. Broadbent, and R. G. Stevens

Nitrogen fertilization and factors influencing grapevine cold hardiness.
R. L. Wample, S. E. Spayd, R. G. Evans, and R. G. Stevens

Accumulation of putrescine in grapevine leaves showing symptoms of potassium deficiency or “spring fever”.
D. O. Adams

Methods for determining the nitrogen status of vineyards.
W. M. Kliewer

Relationship between nitrogen content of must and sluggish fermentation.
R. E. Kunkee

Influence of nitrogen compounds in grapes on aroma compounds of wines.
A. Rapp and G. Versini

Influence of nitrogen compounds in grapes on ethyl carbamate formation in wines.
C. S. Ough

Hydrogen sulfide formation during fermentation: Effect of nitrogen composition in model grape musts.
P. A. Henschke and V. Jiranek

Histamine and other biogenic amines in wines.
F. Radler and K.-P. Fath

Vineyard fertilization effects on must and wine composition and quality.
S. E. Spayd, R. L. Wample, C. W. Nagel, R. G. Stevens, and R. G. Evans

Effect of soil-applied nitrogen on the yield and quality of Concord grapevines.
M. Ahmedullah and S. Roberts

Arginine as an indicator of the nitrogen status of wine grapes.
G. I. Bath, C. J. Bell, and H. L. Lloyd

The effect of nitrogen fertilization on growth, yield, and juice composition of Vitis vinifera cv. Cabernet Sauvignon grapevines.
S.-J. Bell

Automatic detection and correction of assimilable nitrogen deficiency during alcoholic fermentation under enological conditions.
M. Bely, J. M. Sablayrolles, and P. Barre

Effects of nitrogen fertilization and grafting on the composition of must and wine from Merlot grapes, particularly on the presence of ethyl carbamate.
A. Bertrand, M. C. Ingargiola, and J. Delas

Tissue nitrogen in Pinot noir grapevines as effected by nitrogen fertilization timing.
L. J. Bettiga and T. West

Determination of free amino acids in Port wine.
A. B. C. Capela and J. Bakker

Effect of nitrogen forms and rates, shading, and presence and absence of Ca” on the growth, tissue nitrogen compositions, and fruit quality of grapevines.
S.-S. Chang and W. M. Kliewer

Toxicity effects of perfused inorganic salt solutions on excised grape clusters and tendrils.
B. Holzapfel and B. G. Coombe

Effects of nitrogen fertilization and grafting on the yield and quality of the crop of Vitis vinifera cv. Merlot.
J. Delas, C. Molot, and J. P. Soyer

Time of nitrogen fertilization can reduce fermentation time and improve wine quality.
B. Dukes, B. Goldspink, J. Elliott, and R. Frayne

Response of Vitis vinifera cv. Sauvignon blanc grapevines to timed applications of nitrogen fertilizers.
B. Goldspink and C. Gordon

Inflorescence necrosis induced by ammonium incubation in clusters of Pinot noir grapes.
S. Gu, P. B. Lombard, and S. F. Price

Effect of glutamine synthetase/glutamate synthase (GS/GOGAT) inhibitors on ammonium accumulation in Pinot noir leaf and cluster tissues.
S. Gu, P. B. Lombard, and S. F. Price

Yeast nitrogen demand: Selection criterion for wine yeasts for fermenting low nitrogen musts.
V. Jiranek, P. Langridge, and P. A. Henschke

Prevention of ethyl carbamate formation in wine by urea degradation using acid urease.
S. Kodama, T. Suzuki, S. Fujinawa, P. De La Teja, and F. Yotsuzuka

The effect of nitrogen composition on the ethyl carbamate formation in New York wine.
I.-M. Tegmo-Larsson and T. Henick-Kling

Girdling and shading affect inflorescence necrosis, fruit set, and tissue ammonium in Pinot noir grapevines.
A. E. Ibacache, P. B. Lombard, and S. F. Price

Responses of Thompson Seedless grapevines trained to single and divided canopy trellis systems to nitrogen fertilization.
W. M. Kliewer, C. Bogdanoff, and M. Benz

Some aspects of arginine metabolism in grapevine leaves and berries.
R. Krueger and W. M. Kliewer

Effects of nitrogen fertilizer on population dynamics of leafhoppers on grapes.
M. A. Mayse, W. J. Roltsch, and R. R. Roy

Effect of temperature and free amino nitrogen in musts on the evolution of volatile acidity of Port wines.
R. M. Ramos and A. M. Faia

The effect of applied nitrogen on results of diagnostic soil and tissue tests for Concord grapes.
S. Roberts and M. Ahmedullah

Synthesis and regulation of glutamate dehydrogenase in grapevine callus.
K. A. Roubelakis-Angelakis, K. A. Loulakakis, and A. K. Kanellis

Effect of potassium and nitrogen supply on organic acid concentration and pH of grape juice: Preliminary results.
E. H. Ruhl and A. P. Fuda

The effect of lees contact time on Chardonnay wine composition.
W. Stuckey, P. Hand, P. A. Henschke, and R. Gawel

Purification and characterization of Schizosaccharomyces pombe urease.
M. W. Lubbers, J. W. Tweedie, S. B. Rodriguez, and R. J. Thornton