Temporary Extension Regional Specialist
Colorado State University
Grand Junction, CO

Closing Date:

March 23, 2021

Job Address:

Colorado State University
Western Colorado Campus
3170 B 1/2 Rd
Grand Junction, CO 81503

Job Description:

Program Planning, Development, Delivery, Evaluation and Reporting (70 %)
• Planning, implementing and evaluating educational programming in viticulture production.
• Support for wine-grape growers that addresses industry needs and priorities.
• Comprehensive information on current technology, viticulture expertise as well as relevant and essential information and educational materials to both established and experienced commercial Colorado wine-grape growers and new commercial wine-grape growers and those potentially interested in growing wine-grapes on a commercial scale.
• Viticulture information and training for county extension agents and Master Gardeners throughout Colorado as well as serving as an information clearinghouse and resource for statewide extension.
• Conducts seminars and workshops in the various established wine-grape growing regions of the state as suggested in the SCBG application and budget.
• Conducts individual site visits and consultation to established commercial wine-grape growers and to new or potential commercial growers when required and only as time permits.
• Delivers educational programming at multiple levels in a variety of venues and locations using a diverse array of methods.
• Develops and delivers workshops, seminars and training materials that present current viticulture information on topics pertinent to the Colorado wine-grape industry statewide.
• Plans, conducts and speaks at educational meetings, such as CAVE workshops and VinCo, the statewide wine industry conference held each January in Grand Junction.
• Develops bulletins, fact sheets and web resources to be posted on CSU, CAVE and CWIDB pertinent to the needs and priorities of commercial Colorado wine-grape growers.

Initiate and Develop Relationships and Partnerships (30%)
• Assure compliance with civil rights and affirmative action policies including reaching out to underserved and underrepresented audiences.
• Collaborate, coordinate and communicate across agency and department lines to foster the most efficient educational programs possible for commercial viticulture in Colorado.
• Responsible for reporting on program updates and status to CAVE Board of Directors and CWIDB according to the requirements of the SCBG application and as agreed upon by the program partners.
• Provides confidential advice to requests for technical assistance from viticulturists.
• Participate in extension activities as required, delivering content on topical viticultural themes.
• Contributes to the formulation and dissemination of viticulture information through various communication platforms, including refereed scientific platforms.
• Prepares and updates information used on websites and journal publications.
• Accepts that all Intellectual Property, Patents and discovery arising during the course of employment remains the property of the respective organization, and any contractual agreement made with the funding party.

Note: % of job assigned to this duty may be changed as the program develops.

To Apply:

Contact: CJ Mucklow, Regional Director, Western Region