Assistant Project Scientist
UC Davis Oakville Research Station
Oakville, CA

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Job Address:

1380 Oakville Grade Rd
Oakville CA 94562 USA

Job Description:

An Assistant Project Scientist position is available to conduct research projects aiming to address gaps of knowledge on the ecophysiology of the Grapevine Red Blotch Disease affecting grapevine carbohydrate translocation metabolism, leading to changes in sugar loading and subsequent berry flavonoid content and composition and assist with extending the resultant information to stakeholders. Current studies include projects aiming to understand the symptomology of the disease in different growing regions, plant growth regulator mediated ripening advancement, and shoot girdling and nitrogenous fertilizer additions to mimic phenotypic display of disease symptoms as well as stable isotope tracing within grapevine plants. 

To Apply:

Questions should be addressed to Dr. Kaan Kurtural