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2018 Best Student Presentation Awards

Viticulture (oral)

Elizabeth Burzynski (Major Professor: Gavin Sacks, Cornell University, New York)
Sour Grapes, Indeed! Malic Acid Increases in Certain Vitis spp. during Maturation

Viticulture (poster)

Sarah Mayfield (Major Professor: Renee Threlfall, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville) 
Identification of Anthocyanins in Enchantment Grapes and During Wine Production

Viticulture (flash talk)

Molly Felts (Major Professor: Renee Threlfall, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville) 
Evaluation of Postharvest Marketability of Arkansas Table Grapes Grown in High Tunnel Production

Enology (oral)

Cory Marx (Major Professor: Anita Oberholster, University of California, Davis) 
Optimization of Winery Cleaning and Sanitation: Effective Chemistries for Microbial Inactivation and Fermentation Soils

Enology (poster)

Matthew Noestheden (Major Professor: Wesley Zandberg, The University of British Columbia, Canada)
Smoke Taint: Challenging Current Beliefs and Exploring In-Winery Mitigation Strategies

Enology (flash talk)

Thi Nguyen (Major Professor: Andrew Waterhouse, University of California, Davis) 
Postfermentation Production of Acetaldehyde by Saccharomyces cerevisiae