ASEV Platform

New AJEV Web Features

The American Journal of Enology and Viticulture’s (AJEV) website has a new look. Here are some of the features members will notice, enhancing user experience:

  • An image carousel where authors of articles selected for the Issue Highlights can choose an image from the article to be featured on the journal homepage.
  • An easier-to-navigate journal interface.
  • A tagalong article section column that follows alongside as the reader scrolls down the page of the article.
  • An improved article Collections feature that enables readers to access content by specific topic, author, etc., rather than by viewing an entire issue. Article Collections will be retrieved in search results, instead of the search results retrieving individual articles only.
  • Websites are mobile responsive. This means the web pages reformat automatically for the device they are viewed on.

As HighWire is slowly phasing out support of the previous platform, having our journals on the new platform will provide us with enhanced support from our publisher, including the option to show new products offered by HighWire.